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Welcome to Raptor's Nest.
The primary focus here is POW-MIA-KIA.
Raptor's Nest is the original LZ
for what has grown into POW-MIA-KIA.

Here you will find original eagle graphics and photography,
personal writings, and this underlying theme:
I believe we have the
Right and Responsibility
Demand and Receive
a True and Complete Accounting
of our POW/MIA and our unreturned KIA.
I will do whatever I can to make that happen.

These pages are dedicated
with deepest respect
to all honorable veterans;
past, present, and future.

Personal tribute must go to those I knew,
some whose names are now written in stone;
on a Wall.

Things Written:

An American Patriot
Freedom's Veterans
God Bless America
I Hear Them Calling
I Remember
If I Should Die Tomorrow
In the Rain
A Long Time Ago
Nobody Gets Left Behind
One Christmas Wish
This Time
Veteran's Day

Graphics Created:
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Soon, I hope!

to live by ...and die for:

Our Constitution
Bill of Rights
Amendments to the Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address
Respecting Our Flag (Etiquette)
The American Creed
US Military Code of Conduct
Airborne Creed
Ranger Creed
Special Forces Creed

and more:

For Diane
The Wall
Remembering Ted Guy
Government Links
Eagles of Freedom Award Program


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