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    No commercial use is authorized.

Permission to use any items on any pages at P-O-W.COM must be obtained prior to use. A link back to Raptor's Nest using the banner at the top of all pages would be appreciated but is not mandatory.  It IS necessary to state that the items in use are copyrighted material, usually by using the banner or by stating,
"Copyright Dennis Johnson".  This should be on the page where you use something of mine and should specify what it is.

All writings, excluding those linked under the heading of Documents on my primary page, or specifically noted, are mine.
Pages comprised of material acquired elsewhere will have a background using this graphic:

(It may be hard to make out the background if you have your monitor set bright but the background is a series of repeated text that reads:
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otherwise the background graphic will be a white background with left-justified text, "Raptor's Nest P-O-W"
which surrounds an eagle bust, also known as the Raptor's Nest logo.  Additionally, my work will use a bar graphic (also mine) to separate items on pages while other work will be depicted using an HTML horizontal  line tag.
(like the following line) 
All graphics, unless otherwise specified, on these pages are mine.  They are available to anyone with a Veteran and/or POW/MIA and/or Patriotic page(s).  There will be no charges for said usage.  Get permission. Please give appropriate credit.

If you have need of the base images of any of my graphics, or need larger, or customized graphics, please let me know.

The Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments to the Constitution, Our Flag, US Military Code of Conduct, Airborne Creed, Ranger Creed, Special Forces Creed are not mine.  The "Our Flag" page is courtesy of: S. L. Worley; See ALL about our flag!The American's Creed belongs to William Tyler Page. The others listed in this paragraph are owned by all US military veterans and/or citizens of the United States of America.

Incident Reports of those POW/MIA/KIA that I have adopted are comprised of the some combination of the following:

1.  Information held in the public domain;
to include but not limited to incident reports provided by:
    POW Network, Scope Systems, and/or Task Fork Omega
2.  Independent research and/or information provided by family/veterans;
3.  Information may be modified to reflect current timeline or status.

Graphics contained within Ring/Webring HTML are furnished by the associated Ring/Webring and they should have information regarding the owner(s) of said graphics.

Any other graphics are mine, excluding those in various links to other sites and awards.

So, just what is copyrighted?

All sites on the Internet have their entire webs copyrighted by default. This includes the graphics files and writings contained within these pages. It is not a good idea to take graphics files from sites unless there is a statement contained on the site which allows this. If you place something on your site/page(s) which is copyrighted by someone else, you are in violation of copyright law if they have not given permission and even with permission, the words/graphic(s) should always be credited to the owner.

It seems to be a popular belief that if a work does not contain the © symbol or state "copyright" along with the year and name of the person holding copyright, that the work is not copyrighted.

Copyright laws in the United States do not specifically mandate inclusion of this information. Every work is actually copyrighted as soon as it is created, even though it does not have any copyright information contained on or in the work. However, without the copyright information in the media it is very difficult to ascertain ownership.

In the case of computer graphics/animation, even though the author may have included copyright information, anyone can put them into a compiler and remove this information.

So, just because you don't see copyright information on a graphic file don't believe that the work is not copyrighted.

For further information on copyright law, please see Title 17 of the United States Code.


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