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One Christmas Wish
(c) Dennis Johnson

Let's see.  One wish; what will it be?
Something for you, something for me?

Or maybe a whopper that encompasses all.
Like "Peace on Earth" or "Glad Tidings, Y'all"!

"May health and happiness be yours each day"
or "Fun and games; No bills to pay!"

Should I wish the impossible or something with 'heart'?
Perhaps, "May your loved ones be near you, ne'er to part".

I could wish that mistakes I've made be undone
or wish for more wishes for everyone!

What would you wish for; what is your dream?
Is it of family, for health; some business scheme?

I look to the future and look to the past
And know I will wish for this Cause to last:

'Til all the missing are found may we keep on with the fight
Remembering the fallen and making it right.

There's one wish, one promise, I will not forsake

Operation Just Cause...for as long as it takes.


©1994-2019 Dennis Johnson
All Rights Reserved
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