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NOTE:  With mixed feelings, I have decided that I can not give the time necessary to personalize each award.  Please accept my apologies but it seems the only way I will ever get to present awards in a timely fashion.  All recipients will still be logged here.  Thank you for understanding.

Email Dennis Johnson concerning award consideration of your site or a site you found to be exceptional.  Above all else, originality of content.  This means the author has not just copied text/graphics from other sites but has put something of themselves into their presentation.  Gadgets are not important, excessively large graphics are not impressive.

The following awards are available:

Eagles of Freedom:  OJC Involvement Award
Any site that adopts a POW/MIA and joins the OJC Ring.
If you are a current member of the OJC Ring, please accept this award!

Eagles of Freedom:  Veteran's Site Award -  Exceptional original content.

Eagles of Freedom: POW-MIA Site Award - Exceptional original content.

Eagles of Freedom: POW-MIA Cause Award - Outstanding effort to promote the return of our POW-MIA-KIA(bnr)

Awards that have been presented:

**** Veteran's Site ****
Military Memories
Higgins' Homepage

**** POW-MIA Site ****
Freedom Flight
Veteran's Voice of Austin

 ***** POW-MIA Cause: *****

Marilyn Grote

Barbara Fitzgerald-Malone

Gene Milner

Kimberly N. Thomas-Bowles

George 'Gunny' Fallon


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