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Freedom's Veterans
(c)Dennis Johnson

When I think of all the heroes we've left behind, I can not imagine the anguish of those we abandoned though they yet lived.  Their sacrifice continues every day, and night, that passes.  We must bring them home.  They are truly Freedom's Veterans.

And we must remember all those who have died for flag and country, duty and honor, truth and justice. We must remember them.  For they, too, are Freedom's Veterans.

And we must remember all those who served and lived; for they did surely serve, whether in Europe, Africa, Asia, at home or abroad; whether combat or support; whether enlisted or drafted; they answered the call to duty.  Freedom's Veterans all.

On this Veteran's Day, from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul,
"Thank you Veteran, welcome home, job well done, I'm proud of you!"

For those who have crossed over, swift journey, God's speed, we remember!

For those not yet home, we remember, we pray for you, we will bring you home!

Can we make a difference?  Affirmative. Every time someone adopts a POW/MIA it makes a difference.  Every time a letter, or fax, or e-mail is sent to an elected official asking about a particular still-missing hero, it makes a difference.  Every time someone tells a friend or family member about our missing heroes it makes a difference.  Every time a ribbon or pin or sticker or flag is displayed for others to see, it makes a difference.

We are again sending men & women into harm's way.  Let us support them during their service to America.  Let us pray they all make it home.  Let us show these new Freedom's Veterans our pride and gratitude. If any are left behind, let us, as Americans, bring them home.

We have the freedom to do that!

...for as long as it takes,
Dennis Johnson, Veteran


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