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The Office of the President  or  Email

The Office of the Vice-President  or  Email

The House of Representatives, official Email addresses

The Senate, official Email addresses

If the email address is not listed on the senator's page, you should be able to reach your senator by using the following:

If there is any chance that more than 1 senator has the same last name as another senator, or you are unsure of the spelling of their last name, click on The Senate link at the beginning of this paragraph and locate their URL.

Remove the ~ from their URL address and rearrange as noted:

1.  Drop the http://www from the URL address.
2.  Move the senator's name (less the tilde ( ~ )) to the left-most position.
3.  Place the at sign ( @ ) in front of this.

You should have

As an example, let's use Phil Gramm (R) Texas:

Using the steps above we get:

This gives you the base address,  That means anything sent to will reach the senator's email "reception area".  Senators normally use either their first and last name (separated by an underscore ( _ ) or the word Senator_ followed by their last name.

From the example above: first/last name yields or

Remember, email addresses are usually NOT case-sensitive.

If you really want to be sure, send a request for the exact/proper email address of the senator to, replacing your senator's name for gramm.

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