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Missing in Action
(c)Dennis Johnson

I am an M I A
Still waiting here today.

In a war that no one wanted
I was lost and left behind.
With news of me discounted
Truth and me; too hard to find.

My mother cried
When she heard the news.
While protesters cried
I was paying my dues.

My father wept then put memories away
Waiting patiently for the day,
When I was found and brought back home
It never happened; I'm here alone.

I did nothing to dishonor
Yet you still dishonor me.
How can you disremember
When my soul is not yet free?

I should not have been forgotten; you don't even know my fate.
Am I buried in some wreckage or alive but forced to wait
'Til God calls me home up yonder
And I pass through Heaven's Gate?

I will not ask forgiveness
As I did nothing wrong.
I won't ask to be remembered
By grand words in some sweet song.

I am here because you left me.
It's so simple, don't you see?
There's but one thing I ask of you,
"When will you come for me?"

By what right was I abandoned;
By whose say was I betrayed?
When was honor so forsaken
Leaving me first seemed OK?

I am an M I A
Still waiting here today.


©1994-2019 Dennis Johnson
All Rights Reserved
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