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(c)Dennis Johnson

A long time ago, in a land far away,
There was a war that nobody won.
Among the losers were truth, honor, and decency.

There were individual losses and gains
Amidst the napalm and chemical rains.
But the column racking up the most points
Was the one that was labeled "Shame".

We turned our backs on our soldiers
Blaming them for "policy"
When all they did was fight the fight
We sent them to, across the sea.

It was the first war fought with cameras rolling,
"Students protest",
"Soldiers die".
It was enough to make a grown man cry.

In all this carnage there were heroes;
Living to a simple creed
Of "Duty, Honor, Country"
Who knew freedom isn't free.


Some made it home.
Some made it home in boxes.
Some never made it home.
None made it home unchanged.

For some were POW.
And some were MIA.
And some may well be waiting
Unto this very day.


We must bring them home.


©1994 - 2019 Dennis Johnson
All Rights Reserved
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